Loyalty Points Program

Magento 2 Loyalty Program allows Magento owner reward points for their customers after sales, milestone, birthday

Reward Points: Various ways to earning points

The most popular way is that each purchase customers make, each time they get points. Our Reward Points program system allow you to configure your own reward point ways. With each of customer groups, you can apply different rules based on subtotal, product quantity, shipping address.

Another effective way that reward customers based on their behaviors. This encourages them do actions to help promote your marketing and your stores can reach new customers easily. Admin can create many ways based on variety of actions such as signing up to your website, like or share purchases and products on their social network, posting previews about stores and products (approved by Admin), inviting friends to make purchase.

Reward Points: Earning points by reviewing and rating

It’s one of the customer interactions which can improve your SEO. Let offer a well-earned point number to encourage customers action. To avoid negative review, admin are enabled to approved useful information for store.

Reward Points: Earning points by signing up

This is the first important step that you can get customer information and support for building Loyal Customers System.

Reward Points: Earning points by subscribing newsletter

It completely supports for email marketing because you can send them news or promotions regularly without complaint. That is also a great method to contact to your customers.

Reward Points: Earning points by referring friends

It will be more effective if you using social login plugin. Customers can refer friends through popular social network that is the easiest way to reach potential customers. Beside, they can refer friends by emails or via link on forums.

We provide you referral tools to help customers be easier to refer their friends. To via social networks, they just need to copy a code that your friends will be rewarded points or discount when they purchase by this code. With email, current customers just need to click on Send invitation after filling their friend’s email address and the message.

Reward Points: Easy spending points

Your customers will be convenient for using points in every purchase easily. With just one click, they can use point slider or select box “Maximize my discount with points” to use all points at one purchase.

Reward Points: Configure point expiration

You can set up the time that points expire. It’s an effective way to encourage customers purchase early. If customers haven’t visited to your site for a long time, you could send emails to remind them and make them become more reactive.

Loyalty Program: Custom name of points

That is an interesting in using your own name of points to bring customers the best experience in shopping. With an amazing label, you can pay attention to your customer on your brand and they will be exciting to purchase. In fact, Pixie store did it very well with their Pixie dust label.

Loyalty Program: Refund by points

Your customer can earn points to purchase and be refunded by points. They can use in the next purchase without cash.

Tiered/level loyalty program You manage different customer group level depend on their actions or events, example the value of orders, the length of membership. This feature encourages customers act more action to reach a higher level and get more benefits.

Loyalty Program: Report

Spending/Earning ratio will be display on a chart. Store-owners can have an overview of current customers behaviors. This table include a loyal customer cost and total points.

Loyalty Program: Allow to transfer point

This tool helps customers transfer their points to another account through email. It’s simple to write down the email address, the point amount and the message then click “Transfer to friend”.

Loyalty Program: reating coupon

Store-owners can create unlimited coupon code in variety of formats to send to customers in their birthday or special occasion. It remains loyal customers. Additionally, this feature supports for referral tool when customers send codes to their friends instead of a link or email.

There are some interesting ways to send this coupon code to your customer. You can use the available template in system, or change colors, logo, background image to get a new template. Then, printing it or sending via customers emails.


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