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Refer Friends extension is a powerful marketing tool that manage Refer Friendss, who earn commission by promoting products or services
Magento 2 Refer Friends extension

Magento 2 Refer Friends extension

Refer Friends extension is a powerful marketing tool that manage Refer Friendss, who earn commission by promoting products or services and they only paid when perform.

This extension allow you to pay Refer Friendss by many ways. You can pay them for their sales such as the value of purchase, the profit you gain; you can also pay them for the number of new customers that they bring for your stores.

Manage Refer Friends by tiers

You can create marketing campaigns with unlimited tiers and pay different commission to each tier.

Magento 2 Affiliate: Refer tools

Refer Friendss can be easy to share to their audiences links or codes via social network and email. If a person click this link or use this code, he will be a lead and the Refer Friendss can receive commision when he purchases.

Magento 2 Affiliate: Support smart banners

Refer Friendss often use banner to pay attention to potential customers on their blogs, websites. Refer Friends extension allow to store-owner view statistics (such as the number of clicks, the number of impression) that Refer Friends’s site reached.

Magento 2 Affiliate: Integrated various payment method

With various payment methods such as Paypal, Bank transfer, offline payment, you can be convenient to pay commission for your Refer Friendss. You have ability to set-up payout automatically base on time period of amount reached.

Magento 2 Affiliate: Refer Friends milestone

You should build up Refer Friends milestone. With each Refer Friendss rank, the commission can be changed to promote them work harder. You can divide Refer Friendss into many groups depend on numbers of commission they get, numbers of leads.

Store-owners can follow their sale team through “Account manager” table on back-end.It shown clearly about information of Refer Friendss, their total commission and you can be easy to change their group.

Friends enable to purchase by credit

Refer Friends extension allow Refer Friendss to purchase by credit so you can also follow their transactions on back-end easily. Details include order number, created date, action and status.

Affiliate Report

The report can be shown on a chart or table. It’s very important to have an overview on your Refer Friends system and you can adjust to get a more effective result. Some statistics of total commissions, total transactions, total payouts, total Refer Friendss account will be displayed on the report.

Contact Refer Friendss by emails

There are many types of email , which are account emails, transactional emails, withdrawal emails, recurring payment emails, report emails, milestone emails, that you have to send to Refer Friendss to contact them effectively. This system contains all of them that help you make sure about remind and contact Refer Friendss.

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