Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension is considered as the best solution to optimize the checkout page for every ecommerce site basing on Magento 2 platform. If you find it hard to complete all that, you can search for the extensions which can helpfully take care of them for you. For suggesting, you can absolutely use Mageplaza extensions to advance your Magento 2 store. Mageplaza extensions are proved by many merchants to work perfectly on their websites. The most as well as the must-have extension that assists you in reducing 66% carts abandonment rate is Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension. This extension not only increases the checkout speed on your site but also excites your customers with a lot of outstanding features.

Please keep tracking the essential features by Mageplaza One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension to get the way how to optimize the checkout page, simultaneously, increase the conversion rate.

Security Guarantee

Everyone has a common fear of being cheated. Therefore, besides being bother by the complex structure of a website, visitors mostly concern about the security issue on your site. To strengthen customers faith for your store website, you should ensure your Security system is powerful enough and let visitors know by posting a banner of notification to imply that your store offers a security guarantee for every shopper.

magento 2 one step checkout Security Guarantee

Multiple Payment Methods

Don’t lose your potential shoppers by the inconvenience of the payment options on your site. You should update for the most popular online payment method to let your shoppers choose the one that most suitable for them. The easier your shoppers finish checkout process, the fewer carts will be abandoned.

Responsive designed website

As the development of smart devices is flourishing, more and more people are using smartphones and tablets instead of a large PC. A fact is that about 50% of the traffic amount of a website comes from mobile devices. Hence, to let your website catch up with the modern trend, you should get your site with a responsive design which allows your shoppers to freely wander in your online store with every size of the screen.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support plays a role as the pre-sale advisor to your shoppers. As same as physical shops, Live Chat is essential to give shoppers information that is not displayed in the store frontend. For example, a customer may ask about their assizes if it can fit a shirt in a clothes store. Without Live Chat, your shoppers can easily lose their orientation and give up on your store which leads to carts abandonment.

Promotion and Coupon

Continuously providing promotions and coupons on your website is a good way to stimulate purchasing. Placing an auto coupon into shopper orders or nailing the coupon in the shopping carts, wish list and everywhere a shopper could see can make your shoppers desire to buy more. Consequently, the shopping carts will never be abandoned due to the coupon missing.

Fast Loading Pages

Time consuming which cause by the slow loading can totally damage your shoppers interesting. With the fast treadmill of life, an unproductive website is unacceptable to visitors. Our advice is enhancing your system by removing unnecessary page cache or using software and plugins.